Ethan Everhart is a theatre director, writer, and arts advocate based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2015, Ethan founded Counterweight Theatre Lab, a small theatre company dedicated to intimate, hard-hitting plays of which he is currently the Artistic Director. Outside of Counterweight, Ethan has directed shows for the Star Bar Players and Theatre d’Art, acted in productions with Springs Ensemble Theatre, the Star Bar Players, and Theatre d’Art, and has had several works included in short play productions around the region.

Beyond creating theatre, Ethan produces several periodic audio productions, including a podcast dedicated to interviews with local theatre makers and a collection of short horror stories he has written and performed.

With experience working in non-profit arts administration and marketing, public theatre education, and university writing instruction, Ethan is a well-rounded and knowledgeable creative who combines this experience with a broad and diverse network, a willingness to get grease or paint on his hands, and a voracious intellectual and artistic curiosity.

Ethan, Dream By Day (2021).


Colorado Springs Business Journal – “Everhart helps create relevant theater scene” (February 26 2021)

Peak Radar Live – “Counterweight Theater Lab’s ‘Dream By Day'”
(video, April 8 2021)